'Worth the Wait' Book | Written & Illustrated by Andrée Linnell


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Sometimes, life doesn’t play out like a nursery rhyme. Sometimes, we have to walk through thunderstorms before we get to our rainbows.


Worth the Wait is about the long, difficult road some mothers must travel on the way to the birth of a healthy baby. That journey is sometimes interrupted by loss. Miscarriages can feel isolating, and mothers are often left with little support. Andrée Linnell captures this feeling, honouring mothers’ experiences and infusing hope, love, and strength into the hearts of her readers. Worth the Wait is about helping mothers celebrate pregnancies while remembering their angels.


The journey toward a baby isn’t always easy. But that rainbow baby, when he or she arrives, will be worth the wait.


Written & Illustrated by Andrée Linnell, the owner of Petit Nordique