The Kind Things We Do | Hardcover by Fay A Grant

By Ingram

Kindness starts with you and me. The Kind Things We Do is an alliterative, heartwarming delight that teaches children the ABC's of kindness. It sparks the question: What kind things will you do? With playful illustrations and easy-to-follow examples, this book by Fay A. Grant is the perfect gift for little ones learning to create a caring environment for themselves and others. It's a whimsical adventure into an animal-packed world where being kind isn't undervalued, it's the norm. Every purchase supports charities doing kind things.

About the Author: Fay A. Grant is known for her philanthropic work in the fight to end human trafficking. Her heartfelt efforts have been recognized by Congress and the Smithsonian Institution. She is also a rare disease advocate and works to spread awareness about RFC1-CANVAS Spectrum Disorder, which she was diagnosed with in 2021.