Silicone Ladybug Milk Collector | Haakaa

By Haakaa

  • NURSING PAD ALTERNATIVE: Embrace the ultimate alternative to disposable breast pads! Haakaa’s Ladybug ensures a secure, comfortable, and discreet fit in various bras, offering stability and comfort throughout daily activities and breastfeeding sessions without any concern of shifting.
  • PASSIVE COLLECTION WITHOUT BOOSTING SUPPLY: This passive milk collector is meticulously crafted to conserve every precious drop of leakage and let-down. Perfect for mothers experiencing leakage who aim to preserve milk without increasing their supply.
  • PERFECT FOR DAY AND NIGHT USE: Whether used on the opposite side while nursing or on both breasts to capture leakage during let-down, the Ladybug is a versatile companion for day and night – even during sleep.
  • PROTECTS SORE NIPPLES: Shield delicate nipples with our patented Ladybug design, featuring ultra-soft silicone to prevent irritation and allow healing between breastfeeding sessions.
  • EASY POURING & CLEANING: Simplify the milk transfer process with the Ladybug's easy-pour opening and secure plug. Its one-piece construction prevents nasty buildup and ensures effortless cleaning.