Sex Reveal Confetti Tube by Studio Pep



Announce the sex of your sweet baby with a shower of confetti!


  • Candy Artisan Confetti with gold shred. 
  • Poolside Artisan Confetti with gold shred. 
  • Top and bottoms of tube filled with shiny gold mylar with our artisan confetti tucked in the middle. 
  • Removable sticker that denotes the sex on top of caps. (Please note at check out if you'd like this sticker removed before shipping)
  • Packaged in a 5 5/8 x 1 1/2" tube.
  • Pressed from American-made premium tissue paper.
  • Handmade with Happiness in our PA, USA studio. 


  • We mix our pink, blue and gold shred for the top of the tube, so your surprise is not ruined if your tube gets bumped around during shipping. Don't worry, your sex specific confetti is tucked in the middle of the tube!
  • Pop the top, hold tube above your head and wave in the air!

1 = Girl, 2 = Boy when ordering!

Made in the USA.