Rhodonite & Rose Quartz Bracelet by Earth and Ether Co.



a stone of compassion, rhodonite encourages the establishment of healthy boundaries, while simultaneously encouraging the release of limiting beliefs surrounding self-worth and self-love. A stone for deep heart chakra healing and the release of grief. Incredibly beneficial during transitional times or major life change. Use it to encourage self-healing.

rose quartz 

Considered the stone of universal love, rose quartz opens the mind and spirit to receive love in all forms, including self-love. It strengthens the bonds of our relationships, including family, friends, romantically and in our community. Rose quartz inspires creativity and encourages peace, warmth and joy. It is a stone that embodies feminine, maternal energy. It channels energy both to and from the heart chakra. By opening the heart to love, deep healing can occur.


Small 6.5”
Medium 7”
Large 7.5”
XL 8”

Each Earth and Ether Co. product is designed, assembled by  Ellie, the designer and owner.

Locally handmade.