Lepidolite & Amethyst Bracelet by Earth and Ether Co.



carries the vibration of lithium, which has long been recognized as an emotional leveller. It acts to stabilize extreme emotional swings, and encourages a state of comforting calm. It allows a clarity of mind to help you see your true path, simultaneously encourages individual success. Lepidolite is a stone of spirituality, benefitting meditation, insight, divine connection & growth. For peace.


The stone for universal peace, amethyst is said to heighten our intuition and encourage psychic powers. Helps us to change old patterns and avoid distractions with conscious intention setting. Promotes contentment and aids meditation by stilling the mind.


Small 6.5”
Medium 7”
Large 7.5”
XL 8”

Each Earth and Ether Co. product is designed, assembled by  Ellie, the designer and owner.

Locally handmade.