White Jade & Moonstone Bracelet by Earth and Ether Co.



white jade  
A form of nephrite jade, white hued jade is known for its calming, peaceful energy. As with most white (crown chakra) stones, it promotes a connection to the divine. A beneficial grounding stone, white jade is also known for its protective properties - with the ability to block distractions, it helps with focused thinking and decision making.


A dreamy stone that channels the moon and the divine feminine. An ethereal reminder that much like night is followed by day, so too will our darkness be followed by light. Moonstone acts as an emotional leveller during times of heightened emotionality, such as during the menstrual cycle. It also reminds us love without boundary or restraint, for the universe is always here to catch us should we stumble.


Small 6.5”
Medium 7”
Large 7.5”
XL 8”

Each Earth and Ether Co. product is designed, assembled by  Ellie, the designer and owner.

Locally handmade.