Bliss Facial Toner by Jane + Thunder


Our organic facial oil is here!

Enjoy the balancing dew of hydrated and glowing skin  with our organic facial toner and facial oil elixir.

Brilliant for all skin types to balance and nourish even the most sensitive of skin.

Formulated to be safe for expecting and breast feeding mamas, allergen free and vegan. What’s not to love except for not having it sooner.

Zesty sweet orange notes meet calming tropical oasis florals. Be taken away by your senses.

 Cleanse face, then spritz toner on face and end with a few drops of Glow oil elixir on your face.

 perfect under makeup or wear alone to show off your natural glow.


distilled water

lavender hydrosol*

Neroli hydrosol*

Witch hazel*

jojoba oil*

sweet orange essential oil*

peppermint essential oil*

gemstone crystal

*organic ingredients