Wooden Playdough Rolling Pins | Set of 5 by Ziaplayalong


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5 pcs wooden rolling pins

- each pin has a different finish (as shown in the images)

Approx size of each rolling pin - 8 inches (including handles)

We all remember playing with playdough! Gooey but rubbery, flexible and malleable with a very distinct smell. Now your child can get in on some of that doughy magic and produce unique patterns with these rolling pins.

The set comes with 5, each created to press a different texture into the playdough.

Once stamped, they can use their various pieces to create whatever they’d like!

These playdough tools will get their imaginations going while providing a unique sensory experience. Playing and exploring with playdough not only helps young children fine motor skills but is a calming activity for all age groups. These rolling pins will encourage creativity and promote playtime.