The "I Am Enough" Workbook and Journal by Courtney Jane Gackstetter


SELF-LOVE CLUB - VOLUME 1 is a collection of stories written by women who have overcome and endured their own unique journey on the path to radical and individual self love. As the women in this collective piece will share, every journey on the road to self-love is different, including your own story. In this book, real women get vulnerable and strip away their self-doubt to shed light on important topics like grief, loss, alcoholism, infertility, weight loss, motherhood, childhood trauma, fitness culture, mental decluttering, self-help, body hair, conformity, self-acceptance, societal standards, isolation, PCOS, insecurities, fears, doubts, anxiety, depression, suicide, personal identity, body image, external expectations, judgement, criticism, bullying…and more.
Through their personal experiences, you will see yourself represented. Through their discomfort, you will find lessons. Through their honesty, you will find connection. As part of the human experience, finding ways to connect with other people far deeper than surface level is a game-changing practice. In reading the experiences of this collective group of women, you will feel seen, heard, and understood - and invited to make further connections with any of the others that resonate with you. We all have a story. We all have a voice. SELF-LOVE CLUB is a collaborative compilation of stories from varied and diverse women that have all been on individual self-love journeys, in their own way. A journey to “Self-Love” doesn’t have a finish line. Find yourself in these stories, and then find your own voice, and join the club.