One: A Birthday Book by Melanie Morgan

By Ingram

NEW HARDCOVER EDITION NOW AVAILABLE Hardcover edition includes the same beautiful story at the front, followed by blank "messages and memories" pages where you can personalise your copy.  Write messages to your little one, have family and friends add notes or memories or add in photographs to remember special moments of their first year.  It's like two books in one; a beautiful story book and a special keepsake memory book.  (Paperback edition includes the story only).  

One: A Birthday Book is a perfect way to commemorate the milestone of turning one year old. Making it through the first year of a child's life is a reason for celebration for parents, family members and children alike! Each child is unique and has gifts and strengths to share.  One, highlights those strengths and ends with the message that even though there is a lot of growing left to do, each child should be celebrated for their uniqueness growth and accomplishments.  The sweet story and whimsical illustrations are sure to make it a favourite for parents and children alike!

Author, illustrator and new mom Melanie Morgan is thrilled for the release of her first children's book. When her first son was about to turn one, she searched for the perfect book to celebrate the occasion and could not find one!  That is when the idea for One was born.  She hopes that other families will enjoy sharing this book together as much as her family does.

Written and Illustrated by Melanie Morgan