Soul Sessions Journal by Courtney Jane Gackstetter


"Soul Sessions: Coaching and Therapy Journal is your personal diary designed to capture your thoughts and emotions before, during, and after your coaching or therapy sessions. Available exclusively on Amazon, this workbook and journal is your trusted companion on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.Whether you're embarking on a coaching relationship or seeking therapy to navigate life's challenges, Soul Sessions is here to support you. With thoughtfully designed prompts, it provides a safe and private space for you to reflect on your experiences and insights.Key Features:- Guided Prompts: Explore your feelings, thoughts, and goals before your sessions, helping you prepare for meaningful conversations.- Session Reflections: Capture the essence of your coaching or therapy sessions, allowing you to track progress, set intentions, and celebrate milestones.- Emotional Well-being: Enhance your emotional awareness and promote self-care, fostering a deeper connection with yourself.- Personal Growth: Chart your personal growth journey over time, creating a record of transformation and self-discovery.Make your coaching and therapy experiences even more valuable with Soul Sessions. Order your copy today and embark on a profound exploration of your inner world."This journal is written by Courtney Gackstetter, a holistic forgiveness life coach, who brings her expertise in guiding individuals toward emotional healing and personal transformation.Connect with her