Wool Scarf | TURMERIC by Anupaya

$58.80 $98.00
By Anupaya

Perfect for lounging at home, rippin' around the city or wandering in the woods, these sweethearts are warm, soft, classy and cozy.

A guaranteed instant favourite. Meant to be cherished, loved, worn and used. Again and again.

Our new Anupaya Poncho and Scarf Collection is responsibly and sustainably sourced from our manufacturing partners in Tuscany, Italy. 

Our manufacturers use local water purifying systems that allow for production plants to recycle an average of 90% of the water used, a process that ensures a lower environmental impact. 

Our Ponchos and Scarves contain 40% recycled wool fibre and use non-toxic dyes in accordance with REACH certification.

Content: 100% wool (60% virgin + 40% recycled)

Sizing: Scarves 46 x 200cm plus tassels.

Origin: Tuscany, Italy

Care: Dry Clean Only.