Wooden Play Kitchen by Coco Village

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Stylish and elegant, our Wooden Play Kitchen is sure to make any adult kitchen jealous! Besides being able to cook and prepare every imaginary meal in the world, its little retro look makes it simply irresistible. We cannot confirm or deny that this Wooden Play Kitchen has mystical powers, but we can confirm that each meal is cooked to perfection with this must have appliance!
Children don't play to learn, but they learn the most by playing! Imitation or "behaving like the grown-ups" is part of the learning process and they all love to do like mom and dad!

LENGTH 39.5" 100.3 cm
WIDTH 14.5" 36.8 cm
HEIGHT 36.5" 92.7 cm
COUNTER 22" 55.9 cm

Made for indoor use. Use a dry cloth to remove any dust. Wipe away any mess with mild soap and water.

Recommended age 3+

Upon assembly item is FINAL SALE.