Summer Lovey Covers by Little Lovey


Summer Lovey Cover:

Little Lovey Covers are your all in one solution for baby wearing, bucket seat and stroller covers. The snap-on and go design allows for ease of use and transfer from your carrier, to your car seat or stroller. 

**Summer Lovey Covers do NOT include a hood** 

The lightweight and airy double gauze fabric gives the sun protection and breathability that is perfect for those hot sunny days. Eliminates the need for sunscreen and long sleeve shirts or long pants while travelling. Heading abroad? Going somewhere tropical to get away from winter? This cover is for you!!  Lovey covers will take you from newborn to approximately 2.5 years of age dependent on size of the child. 

No more stroller blanket dragging on the ground. No more trying to keep a blanket wrapped around your carrier and no more canopy blocking your view of your little one's face while in the car or stroller. 

**Covers can be adapted with a detachable neck strap for use with wraps and ring slings.**

Locally handmade.