Sex Reveal Powder Cannon by Gender Reveal Supplies



Filled with premium Holi Color Powder (corn starch and food grade dye), our simple point and twist party poppers are perfect for Sex Reveal Celebrations. The tube itself is cardboard, and the contents are completely non-toxic and biodegradable.

We offer two colors, Pink and Blue. Each popper has a barcode near the bottom with a number (1 or 2) in the right hand corner that dictates which color the contents will be 
1 being pink and 2 being blue.

Each cannon shoots contents about 15 feet into the air and lingers for a couple seconds, which makes capturing the lucky parents surprise and joy on camera that much easier! Powder Cannons are a customer favorite, as they are very easy to clean up, and create a big effect.

1 = Pink

2 = Blue

Made in China