Minnidip The Blushing Palms Luxe Inflatable Pool by LaVaca


Designed in Chicago by Emily Vaca of La Vaca, the Tufted BLUSHING PALMS Minnidip Luxe Inflatable Pool is the pool party showstopper that promises pink skies ahead! At 5.5 feet wide and 21" tall, and featuring Minnidip's iconic scallop tufts and signature palm leaf pattern in a vibrant coral, the Original “Adult Kiddie Pool” is big enough for a minnidipping pool party with your faves! Perfect for adults and children ages 6 and up. Dip Dip Hooray!

Made in China

Weight: 4.54 kg (10 lb)

Dimensions: 167.6 x 167.6 x 53.3 cm (66 x 66 x 21 in)