Thrifted - Drop Off


You do not need an appointment to drop off. Come anytime during opening hours. 

Drop off intake checklist:

Please read carefully before booking a drop off appointment. 
  • Every article of apparel has been laundered.
  • Every article has been carefully inspected for stains / holes / imperfections.
  • Every article is from a small shop OR acceptable other brands: zara, H&M.
  • Only articles of clothing, hats and shoes are acceptable. (no toys, jewelry, baby items..etc)
  • I confirm that I am aware that not all of my items will be selected.
  • I confirm that I am aware that whichever of my items Petit Nordique does wish to keep, will be paid for in full via store credit to the boutique.

 Drop off process: 

  1. Drop off your items during the scheduled timeframe. 
  2. Sign our drop off sheet which confirms you've read the checklist 
  3. We will sort through your items during our own time. Can take up to 5 business days. 
  4. Once sorted, we will e-mail you the total amount of our offer via gift card. 
  5. We will wait for you to respond that you accept. 
  6. The gift card will be e-mailed to you when you pick up your leftover articles.

In the event that we choose every single thing you dropped off, we will e-mail your gift card upon accepting.