Goats Rue by Rumina Naturals

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Lactation Booster

Lactation support for low milk supply

This product is not Halal - contains alcohol

4oz Herbal Tincture

To Help with Low Milk Supply

One of the world’s most unique and potent herbs for breastfeeding mothers.

Evidence based research demonstrates that Goat’s Rue works directly on mammary tissue to mature it further, helping to produce more milk. This natural lactation booster is indicated for women who did not experience significant breast changes in pregnancy or those who struggle with milk supply due to hormonal challenges, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. It’s also indicated for adoptive mothers and for those with a history of breast surgery.

No added sugars or flavors. Does it taste good? Nope. But the life-giving benefits of breast milk are totally worth it.

A traditional herb to safely stimulate the development of mammary tissue.

Increases breast milk production

  • Recommended by naturopathic doctors and lactation consultants
  • Certified organic

Made in Canada.

Expires 2031