Carre by Mac Barnett

By Ingram

This book is the story of Carré. Every day, Carré chooses a block of stone from his underground cave and pushes it to the surface. This book is also the story of Cercle, Carré's friend. Cercle is convinced that his friend is a true genius of sculpture, but. is it really?

This book is about Square. Square spends every day taking blocks from a pile below the ground to a pile above the ground. This book is also about Square's friend Circle. Circle thinks Square is an artistic genius. But is he really? With the second story in a trilogy of tales about Triangle, Square, and Circle, Mac Barnett and Jon Klassen nudge readers toward a more well-rounded way of looking at things. Understated and striking in its simplicity, this funny, thoughtful offering from two of today's most talented picture-book creators emphasizes the importance of keeping your eyes - and your mind - open to wonder where others see only rubble and rocks.

Written by: Mac Barnett
Illustrated by: Jon Klassen